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Business Network Center

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A full-time executive office option that provides infrastructure, staff and technology.
Short-term, long-term, or flexible space configurations and services.

Started in 2001, Business Network Center provides top-notch executive office suites, state-of-the-art conference facilities and highly attentive and skilled executive office support professionals. They cater to executives in various fields, with an added emphasis on establishing a strong and highly developed networking system among its on-site professionals. The result is an elite yet enjoyable working environment, where active deal makers and professionals of various backgrounds are empowered through business contacts at the Business Network Center.

Clients include Lawyers, bankers, venture capitalists and active dealmakers whose various business endeavors often cross paths. Business Network Center takes executive office suite facilities and services to a new level and offers its select services in the form of one complete package, The Business Service Agreement. This unique contract is tailored to accommodate the particular needs of each and every client, and is available with short or long term lease plans to fit the particular needs of the client.

Come see for yourself the special environment at Business Network Center, located on the North Shore of Chicago.

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