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Home-grown capitalists find like minds. Building unites firms, investors.
By Rob Kaiser, Tribune staff reporter, Published November 18, 2002

Even as venture capitalists flew around the country to close deal after deal in the late 1990s, they wanted their investments to move within driving distance. Chicago-area entrepreneurs, for example, often got backing from Silicon Valley investors only after agreeing to go west. Today, early-stage investors want their companies even closer to home.

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Center remodels shared space cencept
By Ruth Solomon, Staff Writer, February 6, 2008

Marie Platowski, general manager of Edens Tower Plaza's Business Network Center, stands near some of the high end artwork on display in the office building. As a low-cost way of providing high quality wall decor in the lobby hallway, Platowski features local North Shore artists' paintings for sale. Most recently, the venture capitalist Wally Cornett of Northbrook has been showing his works.

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Our unique monthly networking luncheons offer the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, and community leaders from the area...

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Recently renovated furnishings reflect productivity and success. With Business Network Center you will you know that...

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Cutting Edge

This Networking Center offers diverse services, providing cutting edge technology and a support team highly trained...

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